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Моя музыка. Muse [Избранное]

У меня в папке с Избранным Muse сейчас 48 песен (среди них один ремикс), поэтому логичным будет выбрать для Топа 20 композиций. От двадцатого к первому, слушаем (если Плеер позволит) и комментируем. Об ассоциациях в этот раз не буду, а вот любимые стихи из каждой песни в посте приведу.

20. Uno (8/10)

You could have been number one
And you could have ruled the whole world

19. Undisclosed Desires (8/10)

Trust me
You are the one

18. Megalomania (8/10)

Take off your disguise
I know that underneath
It's me

17. Showbiz (8/10)

And they make me
Make me dream your dreams

16. Sunburn (8/10)

She burns like the sun
And I can't look away

15. Can't Take My Eyes Off You (8/10)

I love you baby, and if it's quite alright
I need you baby to warm the lonely nights
I love you baby, trust in me when I say

14. Butterflies & Hurricanes (8/10)

You've got to be the best
You've got to change the world
And use this chance to be heard

13. Follow Me (9/10)

Follow me
You can follow me
I will protect you

12. Sing For Absolution (9/10)

Sing for absolution
I will be singing
And falling from your grace

11. Invincible (9/10)

And tonight
We can truly say
Together we're invincible
Together we're invincible

10. Bliss (9/10)

Everything about you is how I wanna be
Your freedom comes naturally

9. Time Is Running Out (9/10)

You will be the death of me
You will be the death of me

8. Space Dementia (9/10)

Space dementia in your eyes and
Peace will arise
And tear us apart
And make us meaningless again

7. Feeling Good (9/10)

It's a new dawn
It's a new day
It's a new life
For me
And I'm feeling good

6. Resistance (9/10)

(It could be wrong, could be wrong) Are we digging a hole?
(It could be wrong, could be wrong) This is out of control

5. New Born (10/10)

When you've seen, seen
Too much, too young, young
Soulless is everywhere

4. Plug In Baby (10/10)

My plug in baby
Crucifies my enemies
When I'm tired of giving

3. Unintended (10/10)

I'll be there as soon as I can
But I'm busy mending broken pieces of the life I had before

Before you

2. Supermassive Black Hole (10/10)

Glaciers melting in the dead of night
And the superstars sucked into the supermassive
(Ooh, you set my soul alight)

1. Starlight (10/10)

I'll never let you go
If you promise not to fade away
Never fade away

В следующий раз я буду хвалить Armin van Buuren (чередую электронщину с неэлектронщиной). Постараюсь не задерживать.

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