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МузХроника. Апрель 2021

Сборник номер 16 – ссылка.

Шедевры (9,5 – 10,0):
нет таких.

Отлично (8,0 – 9,0):
Taylor Swift - Fearless (Taylor's Version) (Country Pop)

Хорошо (6,5 – 7,5):
alyona alyona - Galas (Hip-Hop)
Amigo the Devil - Born Against (Gothic Country)
Arooj Aftab - Vulture Prince (Chamber Folk, Ghazal)
Art d'Ecco - In Standard Definition (Art Rock)
Ballaké Sissoko - Djourou (World)
Balmorhea - The Wind (Modern Classical)
Benny Sings - Music (Indie Pop, Sophisti-Pop)
Big Brave - Vital (Drone Metal, Post-Metal)
Birdy - Young Heart (Folk Pop)
BRUIT ≤ - The Machine is burning and now everyone knows it could happen again (Post-Rock)
Bruno Pernadas - Private Reasons (Progressive Pop, Psychedelic Pop)
Cities Aviv - The Crashing Sound of How It Goes (Experimental Hip-Hop)
Cory Hanson - Pale Horse Rider (Psychedelic Folk)
death's dynamic shroud.wmv - Sleepless (Vaporwave)
Dirty Honey - Dirty Honey (Hard Rock)
Dominik Strycharski Core i Orkiestra Dęta Ursus - Symfonia Fabryki Ursus (Experimental Big Band, Soundtrack)
Dropkick Murphys - Turn Up That Dial (Celtic Punk)
Du Blonde - Homecoming (Indie Rock)
Duda Beat - Te Amo Lá Fora (Alternative R&B, Pop)
Eric Church - Heart (Country)
Eric Church - Soul (Country)
evaboy - .​.​.​jook 'til i die (Hardcore Breaks)
Field Music - Flat White Moon (Art Pop)
Flock of Dimes - Head of Roses (Dream Pop)
Flying Lotus - Yasuke (Television Music)
girl in red - if i could make it go quiet (Indie Pop)
Godspeed You! Black Emperor - G_d’s Pee AT STATE’S END! (Post-Rock)
Gojira - Fortitude (Groove Metal, Progressive Metal)
Hail The Sun - New Age Filth (Post-Hardcore)
Holding Absence - The Greatest Mistake of My Life (Alternative Rock, Post-Hardcore)
Iglooghost - Lei Line Eon (Deconstructed Club)
Imelda May - 11 Past The Hour (Pop Rock)
Julia Michaels - Not In Chronological Order (Pop)
Julia Stone - Sixty Summers (Indie Pop)
Jupiter & Okwess - Na Kozonga (World)
Kaleo - Surface Sounds (Blues Rock, Indie Rock)
Kauan - Ice Fleet (Post-Rock)
Leon Vynehall - Rare, Forever (Tech House, Ambient Techno)
Liquid Tension Experiment - LTE3 (Progressive Metal)
London Grammar - Californian Soil (Art Pop)
Manchester Orchestra - The Million Masks Of God (Indie Rock)
Matt Sweeney & Bonnie Prince Billy - Superwolves (Folk)
MF Tomlinson - Strange Time (Folk)
Mild Sorrow Integrated - Meadow Platinum, Vol. 3 (Progressive Electronic, Drone)
Minos - Tribe (Drum & Bass)
Mon Laferte - SEIS (Ranchera)
Monobody - Comma (Math Rock, Progressive Rock)
Motorpsycho - Kingdom of Oblivion (Heavy Psych)
Nick Waterhouse - Promenade Blue (Rhythm & Blues)
Origami Angel - Gami Gang (Emo-Pop)
Porter Robinson - Nurture (Electropop)
Rhiannon Giddens & Francesco Turrisi - They're Calling Me Home (Folk)
Rochelle Jordan - Play With The Changes (Alternative R&B)
Sharon Van Etten - epic Ten (compilation) (Folk)
Son Lux - Tomorrows III (Art Pop)
Suffocate for Fuck Sake - Fyra (Post-Rock, Screamo)
Syndrom Paryski - Małe Pokoje W Dużym Mieście (Indie Rock, Midwest Emo)
Teenage Fanclub - Endless Arcade (Jangle Pop)
The Coral - Coral Island (Indie Rock)
The Vintage Caravan - Monuments (Hard Rock)
Tom Jones - Surrounded By Time (Art Rock)
Tony Allen - There Is No End (Hip-Hop, Afrobeat)
Vijay Iyer, Linda May Han Oh, Tyshawn Sorey - Uneasy (Avant-Garde Jazz)
Zao - The Crimson Corridor (Metalcore)
Zhu - DREAMLAND 2021 (Alternative R&B, Tech House)

Средне (5,0 – 6,0):
AJ Tracey - Flu Game (Hip-Hop, Trap)
Alan Vega - Mutator (Post-Industrial, Synth Punk)
Andy Stott - Never The Right Time (Ambient, Post-Industrial)
Ashley Monroe - Rosegold (Pop)
Ayano Kaneko - Yosuga (Indie Pop)
Bill MacKay & Nathan Bowles - Keys (Bluegrass)
Brockhampton - Roadrunner: New Light, New Machine (Hip-Hop)
Cannibal Corpse - Violence Unimagined (Death Metal)
CFCF - memoryland (Indietronica)
Claire Rousay - A Softer Focus (Field Recordings, Sound Collage)
Current Value - The All Attracting (Drum & Bass)
Damon Locks & Black Monument Ensemble - Now (Spiritual Jazz)
Demi Lovato - Dancing With The Devil… The Art of Starting Over (Pop)
Demolition Man - The Frequency (Drum & Bass)
Dinosaur Jr. - Sweep It Into Space (Indie Rock)
Dry Cleaning - New Long Leg (Post-Punk)
Fishy - Defrost (Drum & Bass)
La Femme - Paradigmes (Synthpop)
Marianne Faithfull - She Walks in Beauty (Poetry)
Naked Flames - 247 365 (Techno, Outsider House)
Natural Information Society & Evan Parker - Descension (Out Of Our Constrictions) (Avant-Garde Jazz, Post-Minimalism)
Obsolete - Animate//Isolate (Technical Thrash Metal)
Paysage d'Hiver - Geister (Atmospheric Black Metal)
Peggy Seeger - First Farewell (Folk)
Perfect Angels - Exit from the Ultra​-​World (Jazz Pop)
Royal Blood - Typhoons (Alternative Dance, Alternative Rock)
Ryley Walker - Course in Fable (Progressive Folk)
Spectral Lore - Ετερόφωτος (Atmospheric Black Metal)
Spectral Wound - A Diabolic Thirst (Black Metal)
Spirit Of The Beehive - Entertainment, Death (Neo-Psychedelia, Noise Pop)
The Armed - Ultrapop (Noise Rock, Post-Hardcore)
Ungfell - Es grauet (Melodic Black Metal)
Vicetone - Legacy (Progressive House)
Vladislav Delay - Rakka II (Power Noise, Post-Industrial)
While She Sleeps - SLEEPS SOCIETY (Alternative Metal, Metalcore)

Плохо (2,5 – 4,5):
Altarage - Succumb (Death Metal, Black Metal)
Atvm - Famine Putrid and Fucking Endless (Technical Death Metal, Progressive Metal)
Ecention - Ancient Knowledge (Dubstep)
Edlan - Landmarks (Drum & Bass)
Furney - Stand Together (Drum & Bass)
Fx909 - Silence Talks (Drum & Bass)
Jean-Michel Jarre - Amazônia (Field Recordings)
Logistic Slaughter - Lower Forms Of Life (Brutal Death Metal)
Physical Illusion - Twelve (Drum & Bass)
PoLEEtox - Space Weather (Drum & Bass)
Steel Bearing Hand - Slay In Hell (Thrash Metal)
The Offspring - Let the Bad Times Roll (Punk)
Trampa - Disrespect (Riddim)
Walen Delon - Hyper Space (Drum & Bass)

Отвратительный отстой (0,5 – 2,0):
нет таких.

Лучший альбом апреля
Cory Hanson - Pale Horse Rider
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