alex_mclydy (alex_mclydy) wrote,

Плохие альбомы 2019 года

Все альбомы с оценками 0,5...4,5 в одном посте.

нет таких.

нет таких.

нет таких.

Ego Trippin - Secrets (Drum & Bass)
Felix K - Archive One (Drum & Bass)
Iggy Azalea - In My Defense (Hip-Hop)

Borgore - The Art Of Gore (Brostep)
Nanosphere - Floating Realms (Downtempo, Dubstep)
Silk Road Assassins - State Of Ruin (Grime)

Somatic Responses - Assault (IDM)
ASC - Realm Of The Infinite (Techno)
Devourment - Obscene Majesty (Death Metal)
Félicia Atkinson - The Flower and the Vessel (Experimental, Spoken Word)
High Tone - Time Has Come (Dub)
Instra:Mental - Timelines (Drum & Bass)
J:Kenzo - Taygeta Code (Dubstep)
Jazzinspired - Breaking Out (Drum & Bass)
Martins Garden - Elysium (Downtempo, Acid House)
Nocturnal Sunshine - Full Circle (Dubstep, House)
Richard Dawson - 2020 (Art Rock, Folk)

A.M.C - Energy (Drum & Bass)
Arnaut Pavle - Arnaut Pavle (Black Metal)
Deus Mortem - Kosmocide (Black Metal)
Devastate - The Hustler (Drum & Bass)
Disentomb - The Decaying Light (Death Metal)
Furney - Emotional Pain (Drum & Bass)
Hillary Keni-Witsani - Sounds for Kaffirs Dancing in Hell (R&B, World)
Infernal Conjuration - Infernale Metallum Mortis (Death Metal)
Jayda G - Significant Changes (House)
Kimyan Law - Yonda (Drum & Bass)
MantisMash - Inspectral (Drum & Bass)
Misanthrop - Analog (Drum & Bass)
Payback & A.K.A - TAO (Drum & Bass)
Prolix - Murder Mile (Drum & Bass)

Agzilla - Cats Can Hear Ultrasound (Drum & Bass)
Akoarela - Tales Of Synapse (Dubstep)
Avril Lavigne - Head Above Water (Pop)
Bear Grillz - Demons (Brostep)
Blockhead - Free Sweatpants (Instrumental Hip-Hop, Hip-Hop)
Bru-C - Original Sounds (Drum & Bass, Grime)
Calibre - Planet Hearth (Drum & Bass)
Cerebral Rot - Odious Descent Into Decay (Death Metal)
Dabs - Wormatic (Drum & Bass)
DJ Hidden - The Nightmare Connector (Drum & Bass)
Esoctrilihum - The Telluric Ashes of the Ö Vrth Immemorial Gods (Death Metal, Black Metal)
Fetid - Steeping Corporeal Mess (Death Metal)
Homemade Weapons - Gravity (Drum & Bass)
Inculter - Fatal Visions (Thrash Metal)
JCW - Mists of Time (Drum & Bass)
Mavi - Let the Sun Talk (Hip-Hop)
Nymfo - Pictures On Silence (Drum & Bass)
Phineus II - Meridian Response (Drum & Bass)
Sarah Davachi - Pale Bloom (Drone)
SCAR - High Fives & Devil Eyes (Drum & Bass)
Secret Archives of the Vatican - Barsoom (Drum & Bass)

Amplified Motion - Reversed (Drum & Bass)
Armin van Buuren - Balance (Trance, House)
Ataraxie - Resignes (Doom Metal)
Billain - Nomad's Revenge (Drum & Bass)
Broken Note - Exit The Void (Dubstep)
Drastus - La Croix de Sang (Black Metal)
Eschaton - Akashia (Drum & Bass)
Gore Tech - Geist Fibre (Drum & Bass)
Keys N Krates - A Beat Tape For Your Friends (Breakbeat, Dubstep)
Krypts - Cadaver Circulation (Death Metal)
Longwalkshortdock - How Can You Just Pretend (Drum & Bass)
LukHash - Better Than Reality (Drum & Bass)
Madonna - Madame X (Pop)
Mark Sherry - Confirm Humanity (Trance)
Noctambulist - Atmospheres of Desolation (Death Metal)
Random Movement - Lost On Purpose (Drum & Bass)
Schoolboy Q - CrasH Talk (Hip-Hop)
State Of Mind - Land Of The Blind (Drum & Bass)
Thaiboy Digital, Bladee & Ecco2k - Trash Island (Hip-Hop)
Young Thug - So Much Fun (Hip-Hop)
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