alex_mclydy (alex_mclydy) wrote,

Плохие альбомы 2018 года

Все альбомы с оценками 0,5...4,5 в одном посте.

нет таких.

нет таких.

нет таких.

Risssing - Music for MNMN (Drum & Bass)
Serial Killaz - Body Movin' (Drum & Bass)
Shadow People - Shadow People (Dubstep)

Frank Klepacki - Transform (Dubstep)

Chris Carter - Chemistry Lessons Volume 1 (Experimental, Synthpop)
Chronos & Okolosna - Sonos Mosaic (Ambient, Breakbeat, Dubstep)
Mindscape - The Reanimator (Drum & Bass)
Mount Eerie - Now Only (Acoustic, Experimental)
Seamoon - Archaic Mind (Dubstep, Downtempo)

Digital Justice - Ctrl Alt Delete (Drum & Bass)
NickyNutz - Something Massive (Drum & Bass)
Pythius - Descend (Drum & Bass, Downtempo)
Slushii - DREAM (Dubstep)
тпсб - Sekundenschlaf (Abstract, Breakbeat)

Blocks & Escher - Something Blue (Drum & Bass, Downtempo)
Celt Islam - Sufi Dub (Dub)
Damian Wasse - Music Colours (Trance)
Ed Solo & Darrison - Don't Stop (Dub, Drum & Bass)
Gabe Gurnsey - Physical (Synthpop)
Ganja White Night - The Origins (Dubstep)
Hyperdontia - Nexus of Teeth (Death Metal)
Infernal Coil - Within a World Forgotten (Death Metal)
Jlin - Autobiography (Breakbeat)
Marshmello - Joytime II (House)
Mr. Bill - Apophenia (Dubstep)
Muffler - Composer (Drum & Bass)
Owl City - Cinematic (Pop)
Proc Fiskal - Insula (Grime)
Sargeist - Unbound (Black Metal)
Steve Angello - Human (House)
Thirty Seconds to Mars - AMERICA (Pop)
Three Days Grace - Outsider (Hard Rock)

Alan Walker - Different World (House)
AtYyA - Volition (Dubstep, Downtempo)
Bad Company UK - Ice Station Zero (Drum & Bass)
Ben Gold - Sound Advice (Trance)
Clarence Clarity - THINK: PEACE (Glitch)
Dillon Francis - WUT WUT (House)
Drawn and Quartered - The One Who Lurks (Death Metal)
Guerilla Toss - Twisted Crystal (Experimental Rock)
Helena Hauff - Qualm (Techno)
Huntar - The Ride (Electropop)
INDUKCIA - Movemets Of Charged Particles (Drum & Bass)
J Whitty - Viridian (Ambient, Chillwave)
Joe Ford - Colours In Sound (Drum & Bass, Dubstep)
Kanye West - ye (Hip-Hop)
KNARS - From the Madhouse (Breakbeat)
L-Side - Carnal Mind (Drum & Bass)
Maztek - Warpath (Drum & Bass)
Moenen Of Xezbeth - Ancient Spells of Darkness... (Black Metal)
Obliteration - Cenotaph Obscure (Death Metal)
Richard Durand - The Air We Breathe (Trance)
Sauna Youth - Deaths (Indie Rock, Punk)
Scuba - SUB:STANCE In Retrograde (Dubstep)
The Neighbourhood - The Neighbourhood (Pop Rock)
Ulthar - Cosmovore (Death Metal)
Zealotry - At The Nexus Of All Stillborn Worlds (Death Metal)
Zen Dub - Sands Of Time (Drum & Bass)
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